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Hey guys!

How is everyone?

It's going well on this end. I graduated from university (FINALLY!) and have a few months before work begins.

Exciting news! I got accepted to the JET programme! In August (if all goes well) I will be flying to Japan to teacher there for the next year :)
I don't yet know where they're putting me. As long as all of my documents can get in on time, everything should work out :)

Also, because I'm moving out of the country (I live in Pennsylvania right now) I am trying to get rid of as much as my stuff as possible so I can hopefully not have to open a storage space. I'm flooding amazon with old textbooks, selling my furniture, and etc. Lolol. It's sort of chaotic, but not really.

If anyone is interested in my smaller painting and pieces, I would be happy to sell them. It might be more difficult for larger ones. I don't know if this link will work, but here is a link (hopefully) to some of things I've listed for sale on my Facebook:…

Aggh, I'm sick again. Just in time for Memorial Day Holiday. So far this year I think I've been sick every holiday... It's weird -_-;;

Anyway, I hope the weather is nice for everyone and that you're doing well!

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