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Hi, everyone!

  I just really wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of support I have received recently. Honestly, I'm a little overwhelmed by the burst of attention, but I think it's wonderful that you're all enjoying my silly hobby. Thank you so much everyone for going out of your way to comment on the pictures- it really means a lot to me. Also, a really big thank you to everyone who finds these pictures worth reporting and sharing.

  These are the articles I've been alerted to thus far:………………… (Thank you PeppermintFlower)……

If you guys are interested, I made a tumblr just for AoP:

And one for AoP sketches:

Thank you all again!! You're all so wonderful~

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Hey guys,

So, as you might have noticed, I finally got a DD. Crazy. Incredible. Incredibly crazy. and such.

As such, after being a deviant for 6 years, I've finally met a lot of my goals.
1) get over 100 favs. on a picture.
...Let's be honest, that was the only goal I found plausible.
But, somehow, the impossible has happened, and I've not only managed to get a few hundred favs. on a picture (what?!), I also managed to get over 1,000 (you have got to be kidding me!). I pretty much freaked out. And a DD? What? Is this a joke? Meeee?

Yeah. You can see I'm still in shock.
Seriously, I saw over 1,400 new messages, and I thought someone must've spammed the mess out of me. So at first, I was really unhappy, haha.

Anyway, thank you everyone for commenting and favoriting my stuff; I really appreciate it. You've really made my day, my week, and gave me the biggest art confidence boost in 6 years. And of course, thank you for the DD-- none of this would have happened otherwise.

Thanks again guys~

P.S- It's hilarious getting a DD as not a previously popular person... you can tell, because all of my other works have been left alone, and my profile page views haven't gone up that much (Less than 10,000 XD...)! Hahaha~
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Hey guys,

  If anyone out there is still expecting art from me, well... I hope I make something soon XD

  I know I don't update on here often, so if you want to keep in better contact with me (to show me your work or if you want to talk or something), here are links to the other social media sites I've lost my life to:

Twitter: Zsparky
G+ :
Youtube: SatteEmi

This isn't self-promotion (I have nothing awesome to promote XD!), I just have no idea what you guys use. Anyway, feel free to hit me up, or not! :p
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Hey guys!

How is everyone?

It's going well on this end. I graduated from university (FINALLY!) and have a few months before work begins.

Exciting news! I got accepted to the JET programme! In August (if all goes well) I will be flying to Japan to teacher there for the next year :)
I don't yet know where they're putting me. As long as all of my documents can get in on time, everything should work out :)

Also, because I'm moving out of the country (I live in Pennsylvania right now) I am trying to get rid of as much as my stuff as possible so I can hopefully not have to open a storage space. I'm flooding amazon with old textbooks, selling my furniture, and etc. Lolol. It's sort of chaotic, but not really.

If anyone is interested in my smaller painting and pieces, I would be happy to sell them. It might be more difficult for larger ones. I don't know if this link will work, but here is a link (hopefully) to some of things I've listed for sale on my Facebook:…

Aggh, I'm sick again. Just in time for Memorial Day Holiday. So far this year I think I've been sick every holiday... It's weird -_-;;

Anyway, I hope the weather is nice for everyone and that you're doing well!

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Hi everyone!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of youuuu ^^! (And happy new year soon as well~~)

I hope that you all have a great holiday with your friends and family~ I also hope that you all get lots of presents, and that all of your Christmas (or Hanukkah, or whatever...) wishies come true :)

As Neil Gaiman says, "May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful and don’t forget to make some art- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope somewhere in the next year you surprise yourself"

God Bless you all and take care,

Beth/ Zsparky
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Hey guys, so this weekend is otakon! will any of you be there?

This year my friends and i are doing cardcaptor sakura.
I will be the Sand card (just look for a girl in a dull looking genie suit, lol), and my other 3 friends will be Flower, Silence, and Sakura. So say hi :3

Also, if you see a really awesome Char Aznable guy, that's my bf :B haha

okay, everyone have a good weekend :)

(P.S- I have a had a really sucky time trying to get to baltimore this year. just so you know >:/)
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Heeeeeeeeeeey everyone!

How are all of you?
I'm doin alright. School is going ok, but finals and final projects/papers are going to be swamping me all this month :(

Guess what?! My birthday is tomorrow :D I'll be 22. I used to think 22 was old, but then I realized, even 30 is still young, and even 40. Perspective really changes as you age, haha~

Anyone have any easter plans?
The only plans I really have for this weekend are to have a BBQ with my friends for my bday, go to the bar (lol), and then church and have family dinner easter sunday.

Sorry I don't post much anymore :(
I do a lot of stuff in class, but I don't think anyone would really be interested in seeing most of that stuff, lol. Sorry for also not looking at any of your guys stuff either @_@;;; I'm a horrible bum :(

Well I hope everyone is doing well~~
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Merry Christmas and happy holidays and ... yeaaaaaaaah :D!

Hope you all have a swell break :)
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Hey there guys~

Sorry I never told you when I got back from Japan--- that was a while ago.

In school, senior year of college. School is school, you know? Taking sculpture and painting class and some other things. this will probably be my easier semester yet--- I'm not taking Japanese for the first time!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO I HAVE SO MUCH TIME OMGWTF OMG?! yeah... not really, but kind of.

I am a little busy though. Sorry for those people who still haven't received gifts or whatever I owe you. :(

Things have been happening, i'm tired, anxious and depressed a lot--- sorry I haven't been so productive. It's hard when you just want to sit there or sleep all the time, you know? I'm getting over it though--- I'll put some things up soon i hope.

How is everyone? How is school?

kiriban 5555
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Hey guys,

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I'm going to Japan for 6 weeks, haha. June 4- July 19th. After that I'll be around in NJ for a while, and then VA for a little, and then back to my Pittsburgh home.

I don't know much about the dorms I'll be staying in, but I hope to update from time to time. Hmmm... what else to say...
I'm basically terrified. I'm studying through the IES Tokyo Summer abroad program. I will spend most of the time in dorms, but I will also spend 5 days with a host family.
I will only be taking a language course, since that's all they offer in the summer. Also, there are supposed to be cultural field trips to places, and I hope to make some of my own. I have some castles and shrines I'd really really like to see.
Hmmm... I'm mostly afraid of the placement exams, damn them! I'm so bad at tests... regardless of what the material is. I'm trying to get into the highest level course(there's lv 100, 200, 300, and 400), but htat's laughable. Even though I've completed all of the Japanese courses offered at my college (woah, what?! crazy isn't it...), I really am very weak at the language. So if they put me in the 300 level instead of 400, I'll try not to be too sad... except for the part where I would be shaming my Uni teachers lol.

Anyway, yeah that's that.

I still have two requests to do, and I'm terribly sorry. I have such a hard time to do one thing when I'm on a spree to do another.

So. My current kick is cutting paper. I would like to take 3 requests (because I don't know if I can even do those before I go). The first 3 people to request may have whatever they would like. If you're wondering what I mean by cutouts , please check my gallery.
You can literally request anything- I would love a challenge. I am looking for intricate cutting and fine details. Thank you~


kiriban is set at 3333
If you see it, please take a picture and send it to me to receive a fabulous prize! That prize is literally, whatever you want~

Awesome contest you should check out :  :iconsolsticecat220:
Check it out!

Thank you all and have a lovely weekend~~
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Hey guys~

  Today was officially my last day of classes for Spring '09! Woop~!
In Japanese class we had informal presentations on the "research" paper we had to write. By informal, I mean we (5 people + teacher) sat in a circle, ate cookies and things, and talked about the papers and things. It was nice :) And since this was our last Japanese class (4th year is the end! I'm donee... omgosh... what do I do now?), our teacher took a picture of our class :)

  After that I had a recitation for my World Art class in which we just reviewed for our essay exam. I am the teachers pet. People probably hate me, because it really seems like he goes out of his way to get my opinion included in the convo and stuff. It really makes me uncomfortable @_@;;; I don't want people to hate me :( I just happened to do really well on the first exam (I was the only person of 250 people too get 100% O_O;;;) and now he thinks I'm like a genius :( Except in my other classes I am not doing nearly as well, hahaha... ANYWAY! So that was ok, because I got to be in a group with a friend :)

  Then I came home and I took a nap XD! I've been going to bed at 2 am and waking up at 7 am every night for like 3 weeks--- I feel like I'm dying @_@ Yup yup. And now I am doing this :3   Now on to the stuff you've all been waiting foooorrrr!!!:

The first 5 people to reply to this journal will have three of my favorite pieces from their gallery featured here.
BUT, in return, you MUST make a similar journal, and feature the first 5 people that comment to it with me being in first position!
Just agree with the proposal in your comment! You'll get in as soon as you put the feature up. this is FULL! I can't take any more for now, but if I featured you (except for Rai) please put this same thing in your journal!!! Thank youuu~

1. :icontinnu:………
2. :iconmim-chan13:………
3. :icontwilittiger:………
4. :iconwhiteknight222:………
5. :iconraichu288:………


*Pictures to do:

-Vhalack = 0%
-Rain-Gate (Atlas twin)= 100% =…
-lucky2hip182 (lucario and riolu) = 100%…
-mim-chan13 (Jigglypuff) = 100% =…
Whiteknight222 = 0%

*Art Trades to complete:
-chezeyfood (pikachu) = 100% =…
-sarniewolf = 100% =…

Note: Trades and requests are going to be closed until I can complete the ones I said I would do. It's not fair to you guys that I keep putting your stuff off :( I'm sorry



She is amazing~ I won a contest, and she drew FOUR prize pictures O_O!
She really is a fantastic artist, and I really can't tell you how happy I was to get those 4 amazing and lovely pictures. Thank you so so sososososSOOOO much!
Here they are (and please look at the rest of her gallery~!):

1: The first drawing anyone has done of my (fursona?) Sparky EVER!:…
2: Beautiful "Phoenix of the Earth":…
3: The first drawing by another person of one of my made-up wolves!:…


Current Awesome Contests!:


Check out, she has great prizes~~!


Kiriban: 3333
--- catch it with a screen shot for a fabulous prize!
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Hey folks, sup?

I'm really sorry that I haven't done ANYTHING I've said that I'd do D:

I'll get around to it, really!  Just give me two weeks. Next week is the last week of school and it's jam packed with tests, papers, projects, and etc. After that is finals week, which basically consists of the same thing, except with out having to attend classes as well -_-;;

I'm really sorry and I'll try to get around to featuring people and requests/trades as soon as possible. Please don't kill me yet T____T

After I'm done being stupid busy I'll delete this so that I can feature people and stuff in the other entry as was planned.

Thank you for understanding~!  Have a pleasant weekend and good luck with your finals and such that may be coming up too~

P.S: I'll also get around to commenting on all of your new pictures! I'm sorry I'm sooo far behindddddddd :(


Check out :icontinnu: AWESOME contest~!
She even has a subscription and features prizes~! join today ^^
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Hey guys, I was officially 21 9:05 this morning ^^ No I don't feel any different, haha. I ate 3 cupcakes and now I feel really sick XD

First things:

The first 5 people to reply to this journal will have three of my favorite pieces from their gallery featured here.
BUT, in return, you MUST make a similar journal, and feature the first 5 people that comment to it with me being in first position!
Just agree with the proposal in your comment! You'll get in as soon as you put the feature up.

GO GO GO GOOooooo~, even if you're not interested in being featured, do it for fun, for me and for your curiosity :heart: (I bet, you wanna know which three pics of your gallery are my :+fav: :D!!!)



*Pictures to do:

1 spot left open! If you'd like a free picture, please say so :)

-Vhalack = 0%
-Rain-Gate (Atlas twin)= 0%
-lucky2hip182 (lucario and riolu) = 45%

*Art Trades to complete:
-chezeyfood (pikachu) = 0%
-sarniewolf (…) = 0%

***Note: these people are open for trade if you would like to do one~
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  I finally have my first picture with 20 faves, hahaha XD wheeeeeeee~~

and all thanks to :iconclashofthelonefox: for being #20 ^^


kiriban at 3333.
If you catch it, get a screen shot and send it to me and you get a picture of whatever you want ^^ (as long as it's not porn and not a request that is completely outside of my ability... like drawing 500 characters). Also, I might send the picture to you if you'd like :)


Picture statuses:

*10 free sketch thing:
~~9 taken, 1 left!

-Crimson-Angel = 100% ([link])
-imyourlady = 100% ([link])
-heavens-snow picture = 100% ([link])
-Vhalack = 0%
-Rain-Gate (Atlas twin)= 0%
-lucky2hip182 (lucario and riolu) = 45%
-MammaDX = 100% ([link])*
-Tinnu = 100% ([link])
-eat-ur-sox-12 = 100% ([link])


School is terrible and hard so I probably won't be adding any more pictures any time soon since I won't be drawing anything any time soon XD;;; Sorry for the people who have to wait for their free sketches! I'll get them done one day :<
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Isn't that the lamest?
I was going to sign on to DA from a different computer, and the link to DA (on my bf's computer) is always to my page, so before I logged on I saw the glorious 2222.
  And I feel like dumb butt :/

So now it's set at 3333, haha.

If you catch it, get a screen shot and send it to me and you get a picture of whatever you want ^^ (as long as it's not porn and not a request that is completely outside of my ability... like drawing 500 characters). Also, I might send the picture to you if you'd like :)


Picture statuses:

*10 free sketch thing:
~~9 taken, 1 left! So, go right ahead and claim a spot~~

-Crimson-Angel = 100% (…)
-imyourlady = 100% (…)
-heavens-snow picture = 100% (…)
-Vhalack = 0%
-Rain-Gate (Atlas twin)= 0%
-lucky2hip182 (lucario and riolu) = 45%
-MammaDX = 100% (…)*
-Tinnu = 100% (…)
-eat-ur-sox-12 = 100% (…)
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  • Watching: Tropic Thunder (pretty funny movie)
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I just had to write a new entry to get rid of my old emo post, haha.

Good books:

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Just been really busy with school work, but I finally finished my Lion and Ally pictures- woot.

Also, I finally installed stuff on my computer so that I could once more write in 日本語。やった!^^

ok, kiriban is still set at 2222 if I ever get there :p so get a screen shot and show me for a fabulous prize XD;!  Actually, if you pick a picture that I can do on paper, perhaps I can send it to you. That would be nice, right? ^^



Picture statuses:

*10 free sketch thing:
~~5 taken, 5 left! So, go right ahead and claim a spot~~

-Crimson-Angel = 100% ([link])
-imyourlady = 100% ([link])
-heavens-snow picture = 100% (…)
-Vhalack = 0%
-Rain-Gate = 0%
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  • Reading: The Summoner- Gail M.
  • Watching: Detective Conan ep 20
  • Playing: Chrono Trigger and/or DQIV
  • Eating: red apple
  • Drinking: coffee with milk and chocolate/caramel cream ^^
This is my dinner-break time I'm using to write this :/
*sigh* what a waste...

What the hell was I thinking when I registered for all of those classes? What am I doing? It isn't worth it. It really isn't.
I'm seriously spread WAY to thin for this. Instead of learning a whole bunch, I'm going to learn nothing because I can't possibly retain all of this information. I am not going to do well in any of the classes because it order to be prepared for each class, I am maintaining a balance of doing enough "just to get by."

Unfortunately, "just enough to get by" for me is spending a sh*t ton more time on ANYTHING more than ANYONE i know. I seriously suck. For a 10 question Japanese homework assignment, I spend about 2 hours doing it. To prepare for just a paragraph of text for my classical Japanese class, I spend 3-5 hours preparing for ONE class. No one in that class even spends a freaking hour on it. For art class, for the past project that I just turned in yesterday, God freaking knows how much time I spent on it. I would have to estimate that it could not have been less than at least 21 hours- and it was still sh*tty.
It goes on. This week was god awful.

The problem is that I'm really slow. I have to work so much harder than everyone else to understand or remember something. Also, I'm too freaking detail oriented. FFS. seriously... My Japanese assignments take so long because if the character I'm writing looks odd to me, I do it over and over until it's acceptable, or I realize I have to stop or it won't be legible due to the pencil that isn't erasing. In classical Japanese we have to have all of the verbs and adjectives in the assigned section to be broken down as much as possible (what is the verb? what type [yondan, sa-gyo, shimo ni dan, etc.] what form is it's ending in? why is done that way? if it's done to connect to the next thing or modify something, tell me about that... and then it starts with the same questions again) and then a translation. This is not unreasonable, it's just really time consuming- and no one in the goddamn class is showing signs of having prepared ahead of time, except me. Everyone thinks that's so great, I'm doing well in the class then. Right, thats SO great, while everyone else is doing JUST AS WELL or freaking BETTER and having more time. It's totally awesome, let me tell you.

I've had 2 exams so far, and I have 3 coming up. I have to study everything because I'm scared that I may miss one little thing that may be on the test. A further problem is that I learn almost exclusively through repetition--- by WRITING. writing things over and over and over. You can't imagine how long it takes me to study for a test. It's embarrassing.

I just want it to stop. I'm so tired. no one I know has any remote idea of what this feels like. They all say, oh yeah I'm so busy too, and then they have fun on the weekend. I don't have fun on the weekend. The weekend is my desperate time to try to catch up. I'll never catch up, there's just always more and more work. I really shouldn't have tried to take so many difficult, memorizing and work intensive classes, but there is not thing I can do about it now.

Now that I've wasted enough time, I think I should stop my whining and go.
  • Listening to: nothing. i don't have time to listen to anything
  • Reading: work, japanese, and textbooks
  • Watching: nothing.
  • Playing: nothing.
  • Eating: no time to eat.
  • Drinking: coffee and energy drinks
Hei guys~

Wassup with all of you?

Welp, school just started last week so it's hardcore work time. Bleh :( This means that pictures will be posted few and far between (unless they're from the Foundation Design class I'm taking).

Ok, so here's my class schedule, if anyone is interested, haha:

4th year Japanese 2 (the 2 is Spring semester, 1 was Fall)
Japanese Art and Architecture
Intro to Classical Japanese
Evolutionary Psychology
Intro to World Art
Foundation Design
(and Women's Ensemble, which I am not taking for a credit)

Sooo... I'm going to be a bit busy :(
Pretty much all of my classes seem SUPER hard, but I think they're all going to be really fun, and my professors seem really nice and fair- so yay~

Also, hey guess what!
I got all As last semester~~! I was SOOO happy because it was my first time doing that (in college) :) Yaaaay~!
I'm so glad... you probably have no idea how much it sucks to spend every day and night sitting at the dinning room table and just doing work. Even on weekends, especially Friday nights. Just studying and doing HW while all of my friends were going out and having a super good time.
But hey, in my opinion, it really paid off :)
Let's see if by some miracle I can do it again this semester :p

So, what did you guys get for Christmas?
Do anything cool for New Years?
Has class started for you again, and what are you taking this year?

Picture statuses:

*10 free sketch thing:
  ~~5 taken, 5 left! So, go right ahead and claim a spot~~

  -Crimson-Angel = 100% (…)
  -imyourlady = 100% (…)
  -heavens-snow picture = 0%
  -Vhalack = 0%
  -Rain-Gate = 0%

I've also been working (like 70% done) on a picture for fun... but since school has started, i dunno if I'll ever be done :(

Game and Book update:

*Chrono Trigger is a really freaking awesome game. My sister gave it to me for Christmas, and I love it :)
I highly recommend it to everyone~

*Dragon Quest IV is ok,I don't recommend it as highly, but it's still been fun for me.

*Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is pretty cool. I quite occupied with it for a month or so, and cried a few times. The games are cute :3


>Robin Hobb- This lady is an amazing author. All of her series I have read so far were truly excellent. I bought 3 of her trilogies and plan to buy the 4th. The 3 trilogies I will list below are actually a set of related stories. I accidentally read one of the trilogies out of order, so I'll list them here in case you decide to buy them to read :)
  - The Farseer Trilogy
  - The Liveship Traders Trilogy
  - The Tawny Man Trilogy

>William Nicholson- A writer of novels and screenplays (He wrote Gladiator!). I liked his 'Wind on Fire Trilogy' so I bought the first two books in his 'Nobel Warriors Trilogy.' I have yet to read the 3rd book, but I have enjoyed this. It is written very simply, as it is for teens/ young adults, but that hardly kept me from enjoying the plot and storyline. Sorry this is hardly a good book review :p


>Stephen King- Dolores Clairborne- This book was ok. Not scary, but it was suspenseful. I did like the plot and storyline too. It took me a day and a half to read (200-250 pgs), so it was pretty short if you're looking for something quick.


>Daniel Keyes- The Minds of Billy Milligan. This book was *amazing*. This book is a rather biographical, but it is told as a story, with Billy Milligan as the main character. Billy is convicted as a rapist, but he acquitted of his crimes by reason of insanity due to his supported claim of having multiple personalities. This book is extremely interesting if you are interested in disorders, psychology, and things of that nature.
-- I also have 'Sybil' but I will have to read that some time later.


And finally~~~

The kiriban is still set for 2222 (if I ever get there XD).

Sorry this post was so long~~
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  • Reading: Textbooks :(
  • Watching: Football (Go Steelers!)
  • Playing: Chrono Trigger (DS)
  • Eating: toblerone
  • Drinking: Coffee with soy milk and creme
Ok, soooooo~
I've decided if you can catch the 2222 page views, then I'll draw you a picture ^^! It doesn't matter if more than one person gets it; I'll draw each person one (especially since not that many people visit my page, so haha) of whatever they want :)

I don't expect this to happen for a month or longer... but my as well give you guys a heads up, eh?

And since I won't update in the next 3 days...
Merry Christmas~!
  • Listening to: The moans of zombies and the screams of people
  • Reading: The Liveship Trilogy (Robin Hobb)
  • Watching: Dead Set (or w/e... British zombie show)
  • Playing: Dragon Quest IV (for DS)
  • Eating: white chocolate fudge with macadamia nuts
  • Drinking: enegry in a bottle XD
Deaaar Secret Santa(s)!

I've been a pretty good kid this year~ Good grades and the like :)
So for Christmas I would like something! But I'll give you options, since everyone likes those, right?
Ok, here we go:

*If you like to make ICONS, can you make me a squirtle or wolf icon :D?

*If you like to draw animals and such, could you draw me a wolf :)? I really like ones that are colourful, like bird-looking ones. For example, I did a Roseate Spoonbill wolf and Superb Starling Wolf:……
  or this is a bird-horse:…
I suppose if you wanted to make a bird horse that would be cool too :) Whichever was easiest for you~

*I don't have many OCs and such, but if you like to draw people, I do have the fursona dealy of myself:…
That's the best picture, but I do have two other ones floating around in my scraps.
And pretty much my only OC is Ses:……

Thank you secret santa(s)! ^___^

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